Monday 30 March 2015


A driving factor which prompted us to put together the first of our infrequent festivals - the Sound Pilgrims ‘Experiment’ - grew out of our bemoaning the lack of original music emanating from this corner of the shire.

Our antidote was to introduce music makers from beyond the horizon, to the auricularly deprived folk of Canterbury.

To be honest, since long before the ‘Experiment’ of 2012 we had stopped looking for local talent to please our ears... that is until, by a pure streak of serendipity, we discovered, almost on our proverbial doorstep, The Ramsgate Hovercraft (supporting the mighty Acid Mothers Temple) in August 2014, playing music from their then newly released first album Arcane Empire.

We are delighted that this formidable prog outfit, fronted by Mark Bandola (The Lucy Show, Typewriter) and Kit Jolly - who have only recently released album number two Cinema Vérité (described by Record Collector Magazine as “a sumptuous feast that not only soundtracks the deepest layers of the human condition, but serves as a wonderful reminder that music can take you places you’d never even dared imagine.”) – will be bringing the curtain down on our latest festival the Extraordinary Expedition (into sound) on Saturday, 25th April, 2015.

Buy now - or bear the burden of disappointment 'til your dying day...

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