Monday 6 April 2015


Longstone were instrumental [in both implementing and sound!] in helping us to achieve the intended aim of our first festival – the Sound Pilgrims ‘Experiment’ of 2012 - in which we aimed to bring the type of music to Canterbury which we ourselves were having to journey miles to experience live.

We were undeniably pleased to clock the look of awe and astonishment on the faces of several audience members, who had not previously been exposed to such an array of electronic sounds and paraphernalia, as Longstone brought proceedings to a close with a rattling great performance of tunes from their ninth studio album ‘Pavilion’ played to a backdrop projection of Buntaro Futagawa’s film ‘Orochi’.

We are absolutely delighted that Longstone are returning to Canterbury for the ‘Extraordinary Expedition’ on 25th April, 2015.
Formed in 1996, by Mike Cross and Mike Ward, Cheltenham based Longstone have appeared on numerous compilation albums, including twice on WIRE magazine’s cover disc The Wire Tapper (editions no. 17 and the very latest edition no. 37).

Longstone have also recently released their tenth studio album, ‘Risaikuru’ (Recycle) on the Linear Obsessional Recordings record label.
‘Risaikuru’ is a multifariously executed project whereby each member of the band (now numbering five) independently provided their own musical interpretation of two photographs, taken by Mike Ward, in the aftermath of the 2011 Japanese tsunami. The independent pieces were in turn recycled to produce two stunning tracks Onagawa and Enoshima – but don’t take our word for how good this band is, buy your tickets now, or face the prospect of eternal regret, at:

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