Wednesday 8 April 2015


Land Observations is the solo guitar project of musician and artist James Brooks who uses a single six-string electric guitar through vintage amplifier to construct minimalistic motorik loops and layers of rhythms in a highly effective and evocative fashion.

James – formerly a founding member of the band Appliance who, over eight years, released singles and EP’s with various record labels and then four acclaimed albums on the Mute record label – formed Land Observations as an instrumental soundscape art project to “explore different environments or the natural world in some way in musical form”.

His first release as Land Observations was an EP, Roman Roads, on the Enraptured record label. This was followed by a signing to Mute and an album, Roman Roads IV – XI. We were lucky enough to have Land Observations perform live at the Sound Pilgrims ‘Experiment’ in 2012 where tunes from this album were debuted prior to its release.

Roman Roads IV – XI has been followed by a second album in 2014, also on Mute, entitled The Grand Tour, with rhythms to create an imaginary travelogue through the natural vistas and constructed trail ways of Western, Central and Southern Europe as might be experienced by well heeled young men on a gap-year rite of passage during the 17th to 19th centuries. The result is delightfully melodic and atmospheric and for me, evokes feelings of anticipation and mind lagoons of serene scenic images of one’s own journeys past.

Having only just returned from Guadalajara, Land Observations played as part of the Festival MUTE Mexico 2015, sharing the billing with Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark. Sound Pilgrims are extremely pleased that Land Observations are returning to Canterbury on Saturday 25th April for our Extraordinary Expedition.

Do not miss this chance to see and hear this master of his art live...

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