Thursday 9 April 2015


Pete ‘Bassman’ Bain, an original member and the bass man for highly influential Spacemen 3 for the best part of their years, founder of The Darkside, and subsequently founder of Alpha Stone (described as “a less sublime, more groovy, danceable ‘Spiritualized’”). Pete has also collaborated with Sonic Boom (Peter Kember – also Spacemen 3) on a number of his Experimental Audio Research (E.A.R.) albums.

Pete Bassman travelled down from Rugby to Canterbury to play a mind-blowing set at the Sound Pilgrims ‘Experiment’ in 2012. Played to a backdrop projection of the Kenneth Anger satanic, occultist short film ‘Lucifer Rising’, Pete, playing a twelve-string teardrop guitar, mesmerized us all with a trippy, sometimes dark and brooding, psychotropic, consciousness expanding, music experience.

We are absolutely delighted that Pete will return to Canterbury for the Extraordinary Expedition on Saturday 25th April.

Buy your ticket now and trip out – or remain forever one of the unenlightened...

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